Proper Introduction

19 August 2007

Greetings, all! Welcome to ‘To Bed With a Trollope’, a blog dedicated primarily to book reviews and recommendations.

To forestall any questions about my choice of blog name, I should mention that it comes from a quip supposedly made by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. When a journalist asked him how he preferred to relax in his spare time, he mentioned that he liked to ‘go to bed with a Trollope’ — that is, a novel by the writer Anthony Trollope, known for his novels on the complexities of society and politics in Victorian Britain. (I’ve gone to bed with a few Trollopes myself, and if you like that sort of thing then they’re quite satisfying.)

I intend to start by going back through a series of book reviews I’ve been writing for the better part of three years now, and once I’ve caught up to where I happen to be on my Massive Pile of Books to Read, I’ll start posting my current reading material as well. Comments are of course appreciated — I’m quite interested to hear what other people might have to say about my reviews.

– SG


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