Link: ‘The Prime Minister and His Trollope’

2 September 2007

As I was dredging my hard drive earlier today, I came across a PDF file that I’d downloaded and saved more than three years ago and seem to have completely forgotten about since then. Seeing as how it directly pertains to the title of this blog, I’d be a fool not to post it — so here’s the original file at its original location.

Peter Catterall: ‘The Prime Minister and His Trollope: Reading Harold Macmillan’s Reading’ (Cercles Occasional Papers No. 1)

This is the sort of research that I really enjoy — finding some obscure half-detail on your subject and realising that it might be worth chasing after, and then discovering that you can actually produce a tidy piece of research from it. (In typical Catterall style, the footnotes are well worth reading in their own right.)

– SG

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