InaDWriMo 2: A Late Update.

18 November 2007

InaDWriMo has been spluttering a bit lately, mostly because my motivation levels seem to be fluctuating like mad. An annoying head cold earlier this month really threw me off my stride, especially on the German reading prep that I’d finally seemed to be getting a handle on. Getting back up to speed has been a real fight this past week, and it hasn’t entirely been helped by the fact that my day job has seen a slew of projects that have sapped quite a bit of my energy to write.

But in essence, all of the above are just excuses. Time to see if I can push myself a little harder in the coming week to clean up a few more things. I’ve learned that the three book reviews I have on my to-do list aren’t due until the end of January, but I still have to read those books in the meantime. Another update will be forthcoming once I’ve made a bit more progress.

One comment

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