About This Site

First and foremost, this blog is a collection of book reviews and recommendations written by a fledgling historian, mainly focusing on British political history since 1945 (with a sprinkling of other subjects that tend to catch my interest). Most of these reviews were originally written and posted to a different and less ‘academic’ blog, but for the sake of collecting the ones that might be of use to fellow academics and readers I’m in the process of compiling them all here at To Bed With a Trollope. Eventually, this site will serve as an archive of my various academic and literary writings, including book reviews and articles written for other publications.

As far as other places go, I’m a casual observer (or in Internet terms, a lurker) on a number of other history and politics mailing lists. I write occasional book reviews for journals such as Political Studies Review, and am working on a few independent research projects that I will periodically mention in posts here. I’m a supporter (and sometime member, when I can afford the dues) of the Hansard Society, a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars (and editor of the Coalition’s newsletter), and a member of Project Gutenberg’s Distributed Proofreaders. Currently, I work as a editor in a small publishing company.

Do feel free to leave comments if you like, whether about the reviews specifically or about this blog in particular. I always appreciate hearing reactions to my book reviews — if nothing else, it helps me evaluate and improve the thought process I put into my writing. If you’ve come this far, many thanks for reading!

— SG


  1. whats your name, I’m writing a research paper, id like to give credit where credit is due.

  2. I’ve just posted a page with appropriate citation information — I hope this helps!

  3. it helped alot, thanks you!

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