Diaries and Memoirs Collection

Slowly but surely, I am building a collection of British political diaries and memoirs. The volumes listed here do not include biographies or other commentary, nor do they include non-memoir books written by former ministers or other politico-types.

Kenneth Baker – The Turbulent Years: My Life in Politics [signed]
Tony Benn – Dare to Be a Daniel [signed, 1st ed.] [review]
Betty Boothroyd – Betty Boothroyd: The Autobiography
Gyles Brandreth – Breaking the Code: Westminster Diaries, 1992-97
George Brown – In My Way [1st ed.]
Richard Crossman – Backbench Diaries of Richard Crossman
Richard Crossman – Diaries of a Cabinet Minister, Vol. 1-3
Bernard Donoughue – The Heat of the Kitchen: An Autobiography [review]
Roy Jenkins – A Life at the Centre [review]
Nigel Lawson – The View from Number 11
George Mallaby – From My Level: Unwritten Minutes
Christopher Meyer – D.C. Confidential [review]
Chris Mullin – A View from the Foothills
David Owen – Time to Declare
Margaret Thatcher – The Downing Street Years
William Whitelaw – The Whitelaw Memoirs [1st ed.]

James Callaghan – Time and Chance
Alan Clark – Diaries, Vol. 1-3
John Cole – As It Seemed to Me: Political Memoirs
Dennis Healey – The Time of My Life [signed]
Michael Heseltine – Life in the Jungle
Geoffrey Howe – Conflict of Loyalty
David Owen – Time to Declare: Second Innings

Books will be added and links to reviews will be provided, as appropriate.


One comment

  1. You should have one of my first edition copies of “Familiar Letters”
    Epistolae Hoelaniae by James Howell (1650)a forefather of mine, who wrote this first epistolary work in the English language, published by Thomas Guy, the publication of which paid for the foundation of Guy’s hospital in 1705, in the grounds of St Thomas’!

    Cheap! cheap! £200

    Kind regards

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